‘Moon Knight’ star shares how episode 4 surprise was teased in episode 1

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4’s ending

Moon Knight’s latest episode ended with a major surprise — the appearance of yet another huge character. This didn’t just come as a surprise for fans, but also for members of the show’s cast.

Speaking to The Direct, Lucy Thackeray, who plays Donna in the Disney Plus series, shared that she had been kept in the dark about the surprise appearance of the Hippo God, despite having appeared in the episode moments prior. She also revealed that a tease of the character was included in the show’s premiere.

Warning: spoilers will follow.

“I’ve heard about the hippo, but I have no idea. Somebody else asked about the hippo, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry?’ One of our little scenes in the stockroom, actually, the very beginning of the scene, I say something like, ‘Bring the hippos over here,’ and [Steven] says, ‘Oh no, they’re actually called Taweret.’ You’ve gotta really be listening. But other than that, I literally have no idea what to expect. I’ve heard little things from other cast members [about the last episode], and it all sounds crazy.”

During the scene where Steven Grant and Donna are moving around merchandise for the Museum in its storeroom, plush dolls of the Hippo Goddess Tawaret can be seen hinting at things to come.

Right now, the appearance of Tawaret during the show’s intense psychiatric scene hasn’t been explained, but the meaning will likely come to light in the next episode.

As for Donna, Thackeray doesn’t believe the character will be showing up in the show for either of its final episodes but is hopeful that she can make a return in the future.

“I mean, unless they’ve done something crazy with the edit. I think that’s Donna’s [last scene]… I just hope the museum doesn’t get blown up [in one of those final episodes]. Cause then there’s hope that Donna can come back.”

Moon Knight airs every Wednesday on Disney Plus.