‘Ms. Marvel’ merch reveals hilarious names for Avengers the public don’t know

Image via Disney

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not every superhero gets the same level of recognition as Captain America or Iron Man, so what about the somewhat lesser known additions to the team? The new Ms. Marvel merchandise plays around with exactly this issue, showing the hilarious names the public may have come up with for those heroes.

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The officially licensed sweatshirt lists the names of a handful of superheroes that have helped save the world on numerous occasions, and whilst some of them are pretty recognizable there are others that are not quite on the mark.

Almost anyone that exists on Earth in the MCU knows about Captain America and Iron Man, who were already well known before the events of The Avengers. The Battle of New York also shone a light on Black Widow, Hulk and Thor (as well as Hawkeye), who would go on to become household names.

The other names are the publics hilarious attempts at guessing the identity of the lesser-known heroes. It is safe to say that ‘Mr. Tree’ is the alien being known as Groot. It makes sense that the public may not know much about him as moments after he landed on earth to battle Thanos’ armies, he was dusted, only appearing again five years later to finally triumph over the Mad Titan before leaving Earth once again with the other Guardians.

‘Gigantic Dude’ is definitely ironic considering his correct superhero alias is Ant-Man! Poor Scott Lang cannot get a break, after already being humbled in Avengers: Endgame after getting the cold shoulder from some Hulk fans. However the the general public doesn’t really know his abilities all that well, having only ever taken notice of the lesser-known hero when he is simply too big to ignore.

Finally we have the ‘Cosmic Avenger’, Captain Marvel undeniably looks cosmic, even if her origins are more down to earth. The powerful Avenger has spent most of her life in space so the lack of specific knowledge about her makes a lot of sense.

Captain Marvel is certainly known to Ms. Marvel who daydreams about her favorite hero and having powers of her own until the daydream becomes reality and she finds out what it means to be a hero.

Ms. Marvel will be streaming on Disney+ with the first episode released on June 8, 2022.