‘Ms. Marvel’ writer admits some major backstory moments were left on the cutting room floor

Iman Vellani in character as Kamala Khan in “Ms. Marvel”
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

When it comes to world-building, Marvel’s Ms. Marvel streaming series went deeper than most, introducing the light realm of Noor into the MCU as well as The Clandestines, the stranded Djinn who inhabited the dimension before being exiled from their home dimension. But according to one of the show’s writers, the series could have delved even deeper if it weren’t for the constraints of run time.

Ms. Marvel writer Fatimah Asghar recently told The Direct that many aspects of The Clandestines’ stories had to be left behind on the cutting room floor. Including many of their individual backstories. “For me, I mean, I think that there was a lot of their backstories, so there was like, a lot of understanding a little bit more about them and their motivations, and where they were coming from, and so I kind of I missed those things,” Asghar stated. “But I think that what is in there is still really great. So it’s really cool to see that in terms of how everything was playing out.”

Asghar also revealed that there was more to be said about The Clandestines and the mysterious Red Dagger group that briefly shields Kamala in the penultimate episode.

“We kind of always had it coming to a head in Episode 5… I think Kamran is really interesting, because he is a Clandestine…. He says that even in Episode 6 when they’re talking [to] the Red Daggers, him and Kamala, and he’s like, ‘I’m a Clandestine, like, those people are not safe for me…’ And so, in terms of like, the Clandestine story, Kamran is still a part of that story… but with the [other] Clandestines, [the ones we see being led by Najma], that was going to come to a head in Episode 6.”

— Fatimah Asghar

Will fans ever get a deeper look at the origins of the Djinns? As yet, the only known antagonist that Kamala will face in 2023’s The Marvels is Kree general Dar-Benn. If fans want to see more of Kamran and, perhaps other Clandestines, they’ll have to cross their fingers for a second season of Ms. Marvel.