MSTRKRFT Are Back On The Map With “Little Red Hen”


Among all the other seismic shifts taking place in the world of electronic music, it looks like we’ve got a blog house revival on our hands as well. After rumors began to circulate that French duo Justice had a new album in the works, MSTRKRFT have delivered a delightfully dissonant new track.

“Little Red Hen” is the sterile, slowly building style of electro house that Wolfgang Gartner’s new album should have been. Its understated hums and chirps give it a timeless appeal that translates no matter what sort of sound system its played on.

While not a classic style in the sense that genres like house, techno, breaks and trance are, blog house is unique in that it was the dominant sound in electronic music directly before the dubstep breakthrough of 2010. As such, it only makes sense that it could reach a new fanbase during a time that the youngest generation of fans outgrow the glittering lights of the main stage to seek out more sincere expressions.

In addition to the release of “Little Red Hen,” MSTRKRFT have also reactivated their Twitter account, where they have made remarks that suggest an album could be on the way from them as well. Keep the Toronto-based duo in your sights as festival season approaches, as they’re surely planning something big.