MTV’s Preview For Martin Garrix: The Ride Actually Looks Interesting


At the expense of my street cred, color me intrigued. I was fully prepared to write something condescending about the preview for MTV’s upcoming documentary, MTV Presents Martin Garrix: The Ride, but I’ve gotta admit that after watching it I sort of wanna see what happens next.

The documentary follows the career of Garrix all the way back into early childhood, when he went by the stage name “DJ Marty” and earned €30 from his first paid gig. Impressively, Garrix recalls having used the money he gradually saved to buy a lighting rig, lights themselves and DJ equipment – until he landed his first legitimate nightclub gig at P60 in 2009.

Of course, anyone with a finger on the pulse of electronic music knows what happened next – and what interests me more than anything is seeing how the documentarians will approach Martin Garrix‘s controversial relationship with Spinnin’ Records. Needless to say, I’ll be tuning in on April 17th.