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Multi-lingual horror fans share the best foreign-language terrors they’ve ever seen

You’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a days after watching these lauded, international horror classics.

Let the Right One In
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There’s nothing like settling down for the evening with a great scary movie on tv. With spooky season upon us, fans are diving into all things horrifying and frightful.

Some scary movies are so well crafted that they stay with fans long after turning them off, leaving them with lingering eerie feelings. It’s the best part of horror, the lasting feeling you carry with you, and the mark of a truly great film.

A Reddit thread highlighted the best in horror, specifically in foreign-language films, and it’s the perfect time to create your must-watch list for spooky-themed nights this fall. The original comment mentioned Eyes Without a Face and The Devil’s Backbone, both worthy of being listed as some of the most horrifying. 

A Tale of Two Sisters was an incredible Korean-language film that inspired the 2009 movie, The Uninvited

The Vanishing is the title of several horror films, but the 1988 foreign-language movie is horror at its finest. The comments section under any trailer or clip on YouTube is full of people who have been absolutely unsettled and terrified by the movie. It’s not unusually bloody, not full of jump scares or demons. It’s far more horrifying than that. 

Fans also included English-language films because the post did say international, and A Dark Song was mentioned in several comments. 

Rec was also a fan-favorite foreign-language horror movie, and the trailer looks absolutely terrifying.

Let The Right One In is another film that leaves you feeling unsettled after watching it. There’s a lot to be fearful of in that story. It’s also a horrifying read if you want to check out the novel of the same name. 

The Orphanage is a spine-tingling, absolutely terrifying watch. The trailer shows enough of the film to keep you interested but is one that doesn’t give the entire story away, so don’t let it fool you.

Impetigore quickly made fans out of viewers and topped lists of favorite recent horror movies. It’s a tense watch, for sure. 

The Wailing is a Korean horror film that fans were thrilled to see added to the list. It’s scary, gory, and — well, you’ll have to watch to find out why fans can’t sing its praises enough. 

From the brutal and gory to the unsettling and supernatural, these foreign-language horror films will have you diving under the covers. Well after you’ve turned off the lights, you’ll be watching your back when you’re alone in a room. After all, you never know what could be lurking in the shadows.

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