New Bob’s Burgers movie trailer teases its May 27 theatrical release

20th Century Studios has just released a new teaser trailer for Bob’s Burgers: The Movie just ahead of its release next month.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie will take place in continuity with the long-running and Emmy award-winning animated series, already approved for a 13th season. The production promises to be an amped-up presentation of the series that will follow the Belcher family, including Bob, wife Linda and kids Tina, Gene, and Louise, in a tale of mystery, adventure, and a bit of big-screen musical comedy. In the film, a ruptured water main triggers a massive sinkhole in front of Bob’s burger restaurant, the eponymous Bob’s Burgers, that blocks the store’s entrance and seems likely to ruin the Belchers’ summer vacation plans — not to mention their livelihood. As Bob and Linda do their best to save Bob’s Burgers, Tina, Gene, and Louise discover a mystery that might just save the day and the summer.

Principal cast members H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz, and Kristen Schaal will all reprise their roles as the Belchers. The cast sees many series regular and featured voice actors returning for Bob’s big-screen debut, including Larry Murphy, Kevin Kline, Aziz Ansari, Zach Galifianakis, David Wain, Sam Seder, Jenny Slate, and Gary Cole. The movie’s script was penned by series creator Loren Bouchard and longtime series writer Nora Smith. Bouchard directs alongside longtime series director and producer Bernard Derriman. Bouchard and Smith are listed as producers along with Janelle Momary-Neely.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be released in theaters on May 27.

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