New is always better, Horror fans share the remakes that outdid the original

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A frequently posed question in the horror realm can ignite a heated debate as quickly as it can start an all-out fight for whose opinion is “right” — are originals or remakes better?

Of course, this is often answered on a film-by-film basis, but some people are die-hard for originals, while some only enjoy remakes. The horror genre is so vast, and there are so many projects for fans to enjoy — some moviegoers prefer not to limit their preferences and take in as much fear as they can.

So what was the overwhelming consensus when a Reddit thread asked which remakes were better than horror originals? Let’s take a look. First and foremost, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) was a frequent addition to the comment section.

One response that a fan was a bit nervous about including was Fright Night. However, it was a pretty standard addition to the list. 

This horror lover liked the 2020 remake of The Invisible Man better than the original.

We’re not big clown people (read also: they’re quite terrifying), but this fan says they like the newer iterations of IT better than the original. 

The Thing and The Fly were common additions to the list of remakes that far surpass the original as well. 

The Hills Have Eyes has this horror fan’s vote.

House of Wax‘s remake does have Chad Michael Murray in it, alongside Jared Padalecki and Elisha Cuthbert — it’s a great movie. 

Amityville Horror was another that saw more fans enjoying the remake, and it does have Ryan Reynolds — so we can’t say we disagree.

The entire thread is full of comments, some arguments, and a slew of solid opinions — you can check it out in its entirety and share your own ideas on remakes vs. originals.