NGHTMRE’s “Holdin’ On To Me” Features His Own Lyrics And Vocals


NGHTMRE‘s tracks already span the bass music spectrum these days, but he’s still found uncharted territory to explore as an artist. The North Carolina-based DJ/producer has put out a future bass track called “Holdin’ On To Me” that features verses that he wrote and sang himself.

Built upon a scattering of piano chords and light synth work, the pitch-shifted and distorted first verse leads into a pad synth melody whose beauty lies in its simplicity. A subdued guitar riff at the bridge accompanies the other elements in the arrangement well, effectively tying each chorus together without overshadowing either one.

NGHTMRE has already delivered a handful of very strong tracks so far in 2016, and “Holdin’ On To Me” only speaks further to his versatility as a producer.