WGTC Premiere: Seeb – Breathe (Nora En Pure Remix ft. Neev)


Among the more overlooked artists in the present-day electronic music landscape is Nora En Pure. The Switzerland-based South-African DJ/producer is slowly starting to garner a bigger fan base, however, and her remix of Seeb’s March release, “Breathe,” makes for one more step in her global conquest.

The original track’s dewy female vocal is pitched down in Nora En Pure’s version, and markedly more sterile sound design elements give it an added degree of club appeal. To my delight, the high-pitched vocal chops of Seeb’s version don’t find their way into the remix, distinguishing it from every other melodic house hybrid on the market.

Aside from her more upbeat work, Nora En Pure is better known for the somewhat more accessible brand of deep house that has been popularized by artists such as Robin Schulz and Bakermat. Radio friendly as it might be, however, her distinct take on the style is a shade more sophisticated than what I’ve taken to calling “department store house” in the past.

As far as Nora En Pure‘s remix of Seeb’s “Breathe” is concerned, the track makes for a delightful exploration of the South-African DJ/producer’s style.