Carnage And Timmy Trumpet’s “PSY Or DIE” Falls Into The Latter Category


Well, Carnage has really out-Carnaged himself this time. The notoriously outspoken DJ/producer apparently intended to cash in on the pure trance movement by putting out a Timmy Trumpet collaboration titled “PSY Or DIE” – but while the song features trance elements, it’s definitely a far cry from actual psytrance.

Being that more obscure styles of trance mix well with hardstyle, “Papi Gordo” has been known to incorporate them into his sets from time to time – but “PSY Or DIE” features little that would actually appeal to diehard trance fans. The song is essentially big room house at 130 BPM with rolling bass kicks and an occasional low-end sawtooth obligatorily thrown in.

Well, joke’s on me for clicking on a collaboration between Carnage and Timmy Trumpet and even entertaining the idea that it could be psytrance. With any luck, he’ll resign himself to hardstyle and trap once again so I can keep skipping over everything he releases from here on out.