Oliver Heldens And Chocolate Puma Release Wonky “Space Sheep”


Oliver Heldens has refined his gimmick down to a science by now. At this point, all he’s gotta do is slap a collaborator’s name on whatever new version of essentially the same bass line he’s cranked out, give it a quirky animal-related name like “Space Sheep,” and then presumably continue practicing shuffling until his next gig.

Heldens’ live debut of this track at Ultra Music Festival last month created some confusion, as he played it with Don Diablo onstage during its premiere. However, the song is in fact a collaboration with Chocolate Puma, as can be gleaned by its distinct bass house leaning.

A high-quality version of Oliver Heldens and Chocolate Puma’s “Space Sheep” will be available through Heldeep Records on May 2nd. For now, though, take a listen to the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think by dropping a comment below.