Oliver Heldens (Barely) Remixes Calvin Harris’ Outside


Following up on Hardwell’s interesting remix of Calvin Harris’ “Outside,” Oliver Heldens has delivered his take on the track today and we have to say, it’s certainly not one of his better efforts. Though he infuses the song with a bit of his signature groove, most of it remains unchanged.

While some may say that the simplicity of it is where the beauty lies, I still wish that the producer did a bit more with the track as he is quite talented and some of his remixes have been rather impressive.

Admittedly, though he does leave the first verse alone, the drop comes with a Heldens twist and there’s certainly a hint of deep house in there when the song breaks, but overall, it’s mostly a clone of the original. Not that that’s so terrible, as “Outside” is a solid track, but again, I was certainly expecting something a bit more from the Dutch DJ.

Take a listen to Oliver Heldens‘ take on “Outside” below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.