Olivia Newton-John’s husband John Easterling pens heartfelt tribute to late star

Olivia Newton-John
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

When news of Olivia Newton-John‘s death began circulating the internet, fans worldwide took to social media to share snippets of her songs, tribute notes, and images of Newton throughout her life.

Her husband, John Easterling, confirmed that she passed away on Aug. 8 at age 73. Easterling asked friends and fans to donate to charity for cancer instead of sending flowers in her regard.

Two days later, Easterling shared another post to Instagram that had us reaching for tissues.

In a sweet letter memorializing his late wife, Easterling spoke of her with the love and compassion that only comes from soulmates having found each other and grown together in life.

“Our love for each other transcends our understanding. Every day we expressed our gratitude for this love that could be so deep, so real, so natural. We never had to ‘work’ on it. We were in awe of this great mystery and accepted the experience of our love as past, present, and forever.”

He continued by sharing more about Olivia’s spirit and how she could comfort and positively impact those around her.

“At Olivia’s deepest essence, she was a healer using her mediums of song, of words, of touch. She was the most courageous woman I’ve ever known. Her bandwidth for genuinely caring for people, for nature and all creatures almost eclipses what is humanely possible. It is only the grace of God that has allowed me to share the depth and passion of her being for so long. In her most difficult times, she always had the spirit, the humor, and the willpower to move things into the light.”

In perhaps the most heart-wrenching but beautiful part of the note he penned about his late wife, he said that even in his pain and hurt, he feels complete and healed by the joy and light she left behind.

Easterling also thanked fans for their support after the news went public, sharing that it’s helped to comfort those who love her and will carry her with them forever. Olivia bravely fought breast cancer for more than 30 years, and she never lost sight of the beauty that life has to offer, even in the moments she struggled.

If fans wish to honor her legacy, the best way they can do so is to live bravely and love often and do a lot of singing and dancing along the way. Here’s to Olivia Newton-John.