Paris Blohm’s “Something About You” Is A Main Stage Anthem


Paris Blohm isn’t an artist that’s intent on redefining the wheel – that much is for certain. For what Revealed Recordings usually puts out, though, his latest track, “Something About You,” is an uplifting piece of progressive house with enough musical merit not to find itself in the reject pile.

An arrangement built around a serene female vocal, “Something About You” features an effervescent melody that builds up to a soaring synth lead at the drop. It’s definitely formulaic electronic music that’s built for the main stage, but it exhibits a complexity of sound design that makes it a respectable contribution.

Paris Blohm‘s “Something About You” will come out on April 25th through Revealed Recordings, and after that it’s sure to become a festival staple in the months to follow.

After listening to the track in the SoundCloud player above, let us know if you find it deserving by commenting below.