Pokémon Go Plus Is Available For Pre-Order On Amazon


Trainers anxiously waiting for their own Pokémon Go Plus can pre-order the Bluetooth peripheral device on Amazon now. While briefly sold out, it has been listed as available once more. However, demand for the gadget is very high, so those intending on owning one on launch day should not hesitate to place their order as soon as possible.

The tear shaped device is affixed to a bracelet and resembles the iconic Pokéball, the capsule device used in the game to capture the elusive pocket monsters. Although it is not necessary to play the game, the Pokémon Go Plus will make finding and capturing Pokémon out in the field without needing to use their cellphones.  

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that requires players to leave the comfort of their living rooms to track down any of the hundreds of species of Pokémon on foot. Once captured, players can train their new companions, battle them and even challenge gyms for badges. A free app developed by the team that brought us Ingress, it uses GPS and smartphone cameras to superimpose game play onto real world surroundings.

Gamers looking for a slightly more physically demanding experience can try to catch ‘em all when Pokémon Go launches this July.