Rachel McAdams did not think she would return to the MCU after 2016

rachel mcadams doctor strange

Actress Rachel McAdams will be reprising her role from 2016’s Doctor Strange in the film’s sequel Friday and says now she did not think she would come back as Dr. Christine Palmer and is very delighted to.

“I can’t believe it’s been six years. It didn’t feel that long. I sort of try to go with the flow on these things, and it all works out for a reason. There are real masterminds at work with the MCU. So I just really enjoyed the experience of the first one for what it was, and it was just wonderful and exciting and surprising to be back again. So I just went into it with gratitude, and here we are.”

McAdams reveals her thoughts in an article published today by The Hollywood Reporter. The piece discusses other aspects of her career and also reveals in the upcoming piece she will play multiple versions of her character, like Benedict Cumberbatch does with Stephen Strange. Her Christines are experts in some ways on the multiverse and have more trauma than the one we knew in the past.

“She has a very different relationship with her version of Stephen Strange. He was quite corrupt in the end, so she’s coming into this film with a lot more baggage than the Christine Palmer of the film before.”

The first Doctor Strange is on Disney Plus for those who need to get caught up on what is happening in this corner of the Marvel world.