Rejoice! ‘Morbius’ digital release date may have been revealed

jared leto morbius wheelchair
Image via Sony

Exciting news for the fan of Sony Pictures’ Morbius: An Indian ticket-brokering site may have unwittingly teased the film’s streaming release date.  Graphic designer Amit Chaudhari posted on his Twitter page that the film will drop on home video May 19, as revealed on the film’s Indian page on Book My Show, a popular ticket-brokering website.

While the streaming release date has already been removed from the film’s page, as of press time it still shows that the Jared-Leto-led comic book blockbuster, released three weeks ago, is playing in one theater in the country of over one and one quarter billion people, and has sold four tickets in a 44-seat theater at a price of 300 rupees, or $3.91 USD.

It’s hard to decide which is more embarrassing for the film, that its Rotten Tomatoes “fresh score” of 16 percent, or the fact that the film’s streaming date was leaked by a Twitter account with fewer than three thousand followers and has gained no online traction. Or perhaps it’s the fact that Morbius broke all the wrong box office records for a comic book movie.

The film is the third in Sony’s increasingly-unpopular “Spider-Man Movies Without Spider-Man” franchise, which began with the Tom Hardy-starring hit Venom, and was followed by the bewildering comedy romp/action sequel Venom: Maximum Carnage.

It’s also star Jared Leto’s second attempt at comic book movie redemption after his universally-panned turn as The Joker in David Ayers’ Suicide Squad. Previous portrayals of The Clown Prince of Crime have won Academy Awards for Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix for their starkly different turns as the comic book icon.

The next film series inexplicably starring Spider-Man villains with no Spider-Man to play off of will be January’s Kraven the Hunter, which will lead to a “Sinister Six” villain teamup film, where they will hopefully battle a Marvel Comics hero whose rights aren’t currently tied up in the MCU.

However, while Morbius is hitting streaming services soon — most likely Netflix, which is burdened with an exclusive contract with Sony — there is good news for comic book fans. The forthcoming Doctor Strange and Thor films will be released to theaters this summer, most likely giving fans many opportunities to see them in their long and lucrative runs in theaters.