Relive Zedd’s True Colors Tour With The Official Aftermovie


If you had the chance to catch Zedd on his recent True Colors tour, then you’ll know what an absolute treat it was. Not only can the producer put on one hell of a show in terms of music, but his visuals and stage design were top notch and it was very apparent how much work went into putting the whole thing together.

Now, you can relive the experience (or see what you missed out on) thanks to the official aftermovie, which you’ll find at the top of this page. Though only several minutes long, it’s a nice reminder of just how epic the tour really was. Set to several of Zedd’s songs, we get a brief look behind the scenes as well as highlights from some of the shows.

With a highly anticipated set coming up at Ultra Music Festival this weekend, the True Colors aftermovie couldn’t have come at a better time, as it’s the perfect thing to get us in the mood to see Zedd take on the main stage this Sunday in Miami.