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‘Riverdale’ fan upset over show cancellation presents compelling argument as to why it ‘should’ve gone on forever’

The argument is quite fantastic, actually.

via The CW

The CW announced that Riverdale is ending with the conclusion of its seventh season, and the news is rather heartbreaking — well, depending on who you ask. 

Some fans say it’s time for the series to take its final ride, while others are convinced it is the type of show that could go on forever. A Riverdale fan reacted to the news by making a fantastic argument as to why the series should “go on forever.” That being said, there’s a healthy dose of irony involved here.

With a single clip of a scene from the show, fans were taken down memory lane and reminded that Riverdale has been a full-on roller coaster ride. From high school friendship and romance to missing people and murderous parents — and that whole Gargoyle King thing, you never truly knew what to expect when turning on the latest episode. In fact, you still don’t.

Of course, the Riverdale fan also shared ideas for episodes in the future. Like season 24, where she suggests this synopsis:

“Archie teaches the Martians to deadlift.
Light Betty battles Dark Betty to the death, as Darker Betty looks on and laughs.
Veronica’s dad is a ghost.
Jughead cries constantly because Cole Sprouse just wants to leave.
Cheryl sings about mice.”

Or season 80, where the cast has turned to lizards — and Cheryl is a special red lizard because, of course, she is.

That’s the thing about Riverdale; the ideas aren’t actually too far-fetched. Okay, maybe the lizard thing wouldn’t happen unless it was a dream sequence of sorts, but the envelope for the series has never truly existed; nothing is boxing it into just one thing. 

So whether or not you’ve been a fan since day one, or you fell off the bandwagon somewhere along the ride — Riverdale will go down in pop culture history as a series with the most “what the heck” moments of all time; and we are forever grateful for it. 

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