Rob Liefeld Returns To Deadpool With Bad Blood

deadpool-bad-blood banner

Sometimes you never know which of your creations will endure, let alone become pop culture icons. Thus, I can only imagine what the past few years have been like for Rob Liefeld, the man who happens to be the mind behind Deadpool.

Although the Wade Wilson that has evolved over time may differ a bit from the one that was introduced back in 1991, that probably doesn’t mean the legendary comic book writer/artist is any less proud of his accomplishments. In fact, when he’s not signing copies of New Mutants #98 at cons, he’s giving polite nudges to actor Russell Crowe on Twitter, encouraging him to play Cable in Deadpool 2. See, he still cares.

As a matter of fact, Liefeld is set to team up with writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims to bring us the upcoming graphic novel, Deadpool: Bad Blood. What’s more is that he’s fulling willing to embrace the past, as he recently told

“There’s definitely a segment of the book that is a love letter to 1991. There’s an important sequence that affects the present-day adventure that Deadpool finds himself in that he and Domino revisit. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun.

“The best part about going out on tour is as I’ve been these last two years, and done over 32 different shows, is getting that face-time with the wonderful fans who support this work, and bought it, and love it the way I love the stuff that I grew up with.”

Beyond that, he teased Cable and Domino’s involvement:

“Everybody I have shown the pages to absolutely digs it. It’s just great because currently, that line up is not available. This is a way to interface with that stuff. The interplay between the characters has always been one of the things that they enjoy. Cable and Deadpool play off each other wonderfully. The banter, the back-and-forth relationship that established Domino and Deadpool. Domino is in a lot of Bad Blood. She’s along for the ride in a lot of it. I bought that Shatterstar action figure, the new Marvel Legends, and people online, on all my social networks, he has so much love. That depiction of him, that look, just the face guard and the shoulder pads, because he’s been through many looks. People express how much they love seeing these characters. I think it’ll be a great romp to see everybody back together again.”

Deadpool: Bad Blood is set to arrive on May 17.