New Rumor Says Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Remake Will Give Luke A Fitting Ending

Image via Lucasfilm/Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, then you’ll be more than aware that the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy received a fairly divisive reception. Most fans were on board for The Force Awakens, but then The Last Jedi happened.

It was as if two entirely different movies had been screened for each half of the fanbase. Some were praising Episode VIII as the best Star Wars sequel since the The Empire Strikes Back, while others remained adamant that their childhoods had been well and truly ruined.

The Rise of Skywalker had much the same effect, and viewed in retrospect it would be a pretty huge understatement to say the most recent trio of sci-fi blockbusters didn’t send everyone home pleased. Of course, Disney still made over $4 billion from box office takings and billions more in merchandising sales and tie-in deals, so they were no doubt happy at the end of the day.

However, that hasn’t stopped rumors from constantly making the rounds that Lucasfilm are planning on rebooting or retconning Episodes VII, VIII and IX from official canon in order to appease the diehards. Admittedly, the vast majority of these rumors come from YouTuber Doomcock, who’s claimed on at least half a dozen occasions in the past that the Sequel Trilogy was toast, but he’s not the only one pointing to this happening.

His latest wild and unsubstantiated rumor, though, put forth the notion that they would be rebooted as a set of Disney Plus shows running for a season each, using a combination of existing footage, deleted scenes and new material. Now, he says that he’s even heard that Mark Hamill wants in to give Luke a proper ending, as you can read below.

“As The Last Jedi 2.0 goes, my source claims Disney would rename the second series. In it, Leia would die when she got sucked out into space, losing the ridiculous Mary Poppins flying sequence, and the rest of the series would be completely different. Details regarding what they would actually do with these rebooted series are scant. My source claims that so long as he is in good health, Mark Hamill is open to coming back and giving Luke Skywalker a fitting ending. It’s finally clear to Disney what fans have known all along: Luke Skywalker is Star Wars.”

Of course, we shouldn’t need to tell you about the requisite pinch of salt required here, but it’s clear that Doomcock’s one-man war against the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is far from over.