Krewella Switch Up Their Sound With Somewhere To Run


Just in time for Miami Music Week, Krewella have released a brand new track. Titled “Somewhere To Run,” it might not be as hard hitting as some of their other work, but it marks a welcome departure for the girls, who have been facing an uphill battle as of late.

Radio-friendly and a step away from their dubstep roots, “Somewhere To Run” has a more rock feel to it, mixing the girls’ emotional vocals with a catchy electro beat and a nice violin riff. There’s still that signature Krewella drop included, but on the whole, the track is certainly something fresh from duo.

How this new sound is received by fans remains to be seen, but as of now, we’re definitely digging it. After all, it’s always exciting to see artists trying something different, no matter how it ends up working out.

Take a listen to “Somewhere To Run” above and let us know what you think about the latest song from Krewella in the comments section below.