Sander Van Doorn And Gregor Salto’s “Tribal” Tests The Limits


Word on the street is that the main stage might be collapsing, and EDM artists the world over are scrambling to stay out of its footprint. Sander Van Doorn had already given himself a head start on diversifying his sound with last year’s “Ori Tali Ma,” and he’s further tested the boundaries of progressive house with his Gregor Salto collaboration, “Tribal.”

To be fair, “Tribal” isn’t totally free of Sander Van Doorn’s more typical big room house sensibilities. Even though the track starts out with samples of some sort of third-world drum circle, they more or less compliment a percussive buildup that spills into a barbaric synth lead.

Then again, tracks like his recent “Cuba Libre” fall in line with the Latin-infused progressive house that artists like Eddie Thoneick have been putting out as of late. For its organic, lively sound, the style might make for the most promising new iteration of the main stage formula.

Sander Van Doorn and Gregor Salto’s “Tribal” comes out through DOORN Records on April 25th, so if you like what you heard in the preview clip above, then look out for the full version later in the month.