Seth Rogen reveals the moment he got high during Adele’s ‘One Night Only’ performance


Seth Rogen accidentally showed up to Adele’s One Night Only performance high, according to a recent interview the actor did with Jimmy Fallon.

The 39-year-old actor admitted as much midway through his appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show. According to an around 3-minute discussion Rogen had with Fallon, he and his wife were invited to a “small Adele concert,” which made the duo think it would be an intimate, casual affair. They had no idea a television special was being filmed.

So, in true Seth Rogen style, they “smoked a ton of weed” before heading off to the concert. When they arrived, however, Rogen and his wife Laura Miller began to realize their mistake.

“The first person I see is Oprah Winfrey,” Rogan said. “And I’m like oh no, I think it’s a big television special.”

The couple came up with a plan of action, despite their rather addled brains: they would simply slink into the crowd and find seats near the back. Noting that they were not “equipped mentally to deal with doing this right now,” they started to do just that. Unfortunately, the devious human behind the seating chart had other ideas: they seated Rogen and his wife at the very front of the crowd.

“Our seat numbers are literally 1A and 1B, and I’m like, ‘oh no! That sounds close,” Rogen said. “We’re as close as you can fathomably be.”

Seth Rogen

Upon sitting down, the couple found themselves directly in the middle of the action. Cameras pointed right at their faces, they did their best to “look cool” through the duration of the performance. Rogen noted that he doesn’t even know Adele personally, so has absolutely no idea why he and his wife ended up in such good seats.

“The whole time I’m like, ‘there are so many more famous people than me here who should be sitting where I’m sitting,” Rogen said. He noted that several high-profile celebrities, like Drake, Ellen DeGeneres, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all seated behind him. He felt their eyes “drilling into the back of my head” throughout the performance, wondering “why am I in 3R, and he’s in 1A?”

The duo did their absolute best to simply look casual, applaud, and keep the crowd’s gaze away from them. They largely failed to go unnoticed, unfortunately, as Rogen admitted numerous people reached out following the performance to note that they saw him in the crowd.

“I think it’s the most popular thing I’ve been in my entire life,” he said. “There are people who I know have not watched my last five movies who’ve been texting me like ‘you were amaz- that Adele concert looked incredible.'”