Shirts & Skins Make A Splash With Genius Of Time


Pierce Fulton and Ansolo have each made names for themselves independently of one another, but their new project, Shirts & Skins, promises to turn out some quality tracks. While each of them tend more towards the trance and progressive house genres for their other releases, they set out to make “sexy house” under the new moniker – and “Genius of Time” is exactly that.

The funky, melodic piano lead of the track builds up to an infectiously danceable peak. Understated vocal samples and crisp sound effects add to the fanciful feel of the track, which sounds more like a late-night club groove than a contemporary EDM anthem. I, for one, am all for it. Future house is fun and all, but the best thing about its rise in popularity is that it draws music fans to new styles of house music – and as I always like to say, house is where the heart is.

Give “Genius of Time” by Shirts & Skins a listen and let its rhythm carry you. Would you like to hear more artists put out this kind of house music? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.