Showtek And Eva Shaw Drop Deep House Anthem “N2U”


Showtek and Eva Shaw teamed up to release a new collaboration this week on Spinnin’ Records, delivering a deep house anthem called “N2U”. The new track also features distinctive vocals from Grammy nominated singer Martha Wash.

“N2U” opens with massive diva vocals and a groovy deep house organ riff before drums fill in the mix. Showtek keeps the track melodic and uplifting, with energizing synth leads and upbeat bass lines, while Wash’s vocals feature throughout most of the song.

Drawing on a retro, 90’s dance influence, “N2U” never misses a beat, delivering catchy rhythms and irresistible progressions, all delivered with the sheen of modern EDM.

Showtek and Eva Shaw manage to straddle a fine line here, bringing their top notch big room productions into a more soulful realm without sacrificing the massive energy demanded on the dance floor.

“N2U” is now available on Beatport, and fans can head here to purchase the new track.