Skrillex Debuts Rick Ross Collaboration At WAV Nightclub


As if Skrillex weren’t already busy enough this festival season, it turns out that he’s had another big-name collaboration up his sleeve. The bass music icon headlined the grand opening of WAV Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and he premiered a track that featured none other than Miami rapper Rick Ross.

The verse of the track falls more in line with what you would expect from a Rick Ross song than that of Skrillex, but around the time it ends a bass drop with metallic wobbles takes the reigns for a few measures. Overall, though, it still makes for a more fitting addition to Rick Ross’ discography.

Speculation has also surfaced that the song will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad. Until either artist or the studio comments one way or the other, though, it remains a rumor.

Take a listen to the snippet of Skrillex and Rick Ross’ new ID above though and look out for a high-quality version in the weeks to follow.