Spada’s “You & I” Ft. Richard Judge Is An Aural Dreamscape


The world of electronic music is fully embroiled in a love affair with house music as of late, which makes it as difficult as ever for tracks belonging to the seminal electronic music genre to stand out. Even though Italian DJ/producer Spada‘s “You & I” belongs to a sub genre that we’ve deemed “department store house” in the past, though, it features enough sound design subtleties to set it apart from the rest.

The understated instrumentals and soulful vocals of Richard Judge don’t stray far from the radio-friendly style of deep house that’s been dominating German airwaves. However, reverberant synth work after the first verse instills a groove into the track that gives it just a little more underground appeal.

Spada‘s “Lost in Space” already reached #1 in the German Club Charts after its premiere on BBC Radio 1, and “You & I” is its vocal version. After giving it a listen, let us know what you think by making a trip down to the comments section below.