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‘Star Wars’ fans point fingers at the biggest idiots in a galaxy far, far away

Who's dumber: Jar Jar Binks or the person that didn't design handrails in the Death Star?

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Credit: LucasFilm

Who are the dumbest characters in the Star Wars universe? Fans over on r/StarWars have an answer, and it might not be who you think.

It all started when user INeedDRUUGS (great name) posted on the subreddit with the all-important question: Who is Star Wars‘ biggest idiot?

Perhaps because, or even in spite of, a photo of Star Wars pariah Jar Jar Binks, the most ranked answer was kind of surprising. User arcturusw00d called out a character from Rogue One.

“Orson Krennic, what kind of idiot kills someone’s wife, expects that person to help build a massively powerful space station and not f*ck with it.”

Krennic was of course played by Ben Mendelsohn in Rogue One and the scene in question involves Krennic murdering the wife of Galen Walton Erso and then expecting him to just blindly follow orders. User shadowabbot seconded this with the comment: “Rogue One, aka. Orson Krennic and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

User Alternative-Fix3125 called out an ongoing joke in the Star Wars/Star Trek universe – that Gorn from Star Trek and Bossk from Star Wars are the same person.

“Bossk. Starts off on a mission to capture Han Solo. Ends up being defeated by a shirtless James T. Kirk. How do you screw up this bad?”

Here’s a visual aid:


The call-outs weren’t just reserved for ancillary characters either. Even designers got called out, like this comment from BafflingHalfling: “Whoever designed those imperial spaceships with no handrails.”

This comment spawned some good replies.

“I heard a theory that since Geonosians made the plans, they didn’t add them cause they could fly,” said purp_7729 with a fun reference to The Phantom Menace.

User JustDris said “I heard they didn’t install them because people would just lean on them.”

Finally, Thecryptsaresafe said this was actually a Galen Erso feature – “Galen Erso’s REAL anti-imperial design flaw.”

User currentpattern called out “The goons who couldn’t catch 10-year-old Princess Leia in the forest.”

Another winner from u/phoenixs13: “Admiral Ozzel. I mean who comes out of hyperspace too close to the system?”

Ozzel was of course force choked to death for jumping out of hyperspeed directly on top of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back and giving the rebels time to escape. There’s even a rumor that he was a rebel spy, according to user Herblon.

“Is there not a fan theory that Ozzel intentionally messed up in order to help the Rebels escape, my friend, this man is a hero (or maybe just a bloody idiot ig).”

User ICTheAlchemist pointed out, “The Imperial Officers who didn’t shoot down the escape pod jettisoned from a rebel ship because there were ‘no life forms’ aboard.”

Other notable call-outs include Mace Windu, Pong Krell, and of course, Anakin Skywalker.

The whole thread is pretty good and worth checking out.

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