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‘Star Wars’ fans what-if the return of Mace Windu

Fans might be getting impatient for a solo Mace Windu project.

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It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan, what with all the TV shows, books, video games, and even movies that are in the wings. But many feel like we’re still missing something crucial. In fact, I think you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that it’s high time the purple hue of Mace Windu’s lightsaber graced the galaxy far, far away again.

That’s what the ever-divisive fandom discourse has been pondering over at Reddit, debating what a story revolving around Mace Windu after his fall in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith would look like.

Things certainly wouldn’t look so good for the Jedi Master. With his sword hand gone, Mace would have to resort to using the Force to get by and hide from the looming Order 66. Returning to the Jedi Temple is also out of the question, so his best bet would be finding a mod and getting a mechno-arm as Anakin did at the end of Episode II.

Surprisingly, the first thought many Star Wars fans would have about his return concerns an irritating recurrence in the Skywalker Saga, and that is characters returning from the dead.

Some think Windu’s return is more plausible than Maul’s, or Palpatine’s in The Rise of Skywalker. Yes, the character was unlimbed and yeeted out a window with the full might of “unlimited power,” but we never saw his dead body land somewhere, did we?

By now, who even cares about Star Wars continuity? Bring back Mace Windu, and resurrect the headless Count Dooku while you’re at it. How about a daring return for Qui-Gon, come back to fight a new threat?

One other opinion dancing between highly unpopular territory and actually making a lot of sense is that Mace Windu wasn’t a great character in the first place. All of his charisma had to do with Samuel L. Jackson, and that’s basically how we feel about every Samuel L. Jackson role.

Ultimately, the Mouse House hasn’t hinted at any possible resurrections for Mace Windu, so this little piece of fan daydreaming will remain just that for the time being.

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