Stephen King calls for tighter gun control after Michigan school shooting

Stephen King

A Michigan high school was the latest target of a school shooting yesterday, spurring yet another wave of demands for better gun control.

Three students were killed in the shooting at Oxford High School in Detroit, and several others were critically injured. In total, 11 people were shot, including one teacher who has already been released from the hospital. 

In the wake of the most deadly school shooting of 2021 so far, numerous people have spoken out in favor of stricter gun control. Stephen King was among the vocal proponents of creating and enforcing “gun laws with teeth” in America, in hopes of avoiding yet another deadly mass shooting.

King took to Twitter to share his heartbreak over the lives lost in the early hours of Dec. 1. Noting that America has experienced “another school shooting,” King launched into a brief but passionate condemnation of the nation’s gun laws.

“3 killed, more injured, hundreds terrorized,” King wrote. “Until there are gun laws with teeth in this country—such as those in Great Britain—our children will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of the 2nd Amendment.”

The comment section for King’s Tweet, which has earned more than 12,000 likes and several thousand retweets in less than two hours, is packed with similar sentiments. People decried the nation’s lax gun laws, which have allowed for more than 180 school shootings over the last decade. Hundreds of young lives have been lost.

“That’s what happens when you have more guns than people,” one response to the tweet reads. “It becomes pretty hard to police.”