Stephen King recommends this ‘h**l of a good story’ to his fans

Fans following Stephen King on social media are privy to recommendations from the author that always feel like striking gold. King is a famed author of everything from horror to supernatural suspense and even fantasy novels. He executes them all with dedication, power, and the kind of writing capabilities that make it impossible to set a book down.

So when King recommends other books, shows, or films, fans listen. He frequently shares his must-sees/reads with his fan base on Twitter, and they’re always welcome recommendations. Many seem to wait for them and quickly dive in.

King shared the following recommendation in a Tweet today:

5 DECEMBERS, by James Kestrel: Hard-as-nails mystery/suspense/noir set against a backdrop of war in the Pacific. One hell of a good story. It’s out now.”

Goodreads describes 5 Decembers as a gripping thriller.

“In this extraordinary novel of World War II, an American police detective trapped while trailing a killer overseas struggles to survive with only the help of a total stranger and his daughter, who risk their lives to protect him. FIVE DECEMBERS is a gripping thriller, a staggering portrait of war, and a heartbreaking love story, as moving and unforgettable as ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE.”

King’s suggestion immediately struck a chord with fans, some purchasing the book to begin reading and some who have already read and fallen in love with the story. One King fan even called it the best they’ve read all year.

Several fans added it to their must-read list immediately.

This fan notes that King’s recommendations are spot-on, and they’ve put this book on hold at their local library.

You can find 5 Decembers available for purchase now.