Stephen King Shares Controversial Remarks On Facebook And Addiction

Stephen King

It was almost impossible to not notice Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and even other sites were all down yesterday for an outage lasting multiple hours. While services like Netflix and even YouTube struggled to keep up with the massive influx of traffic, many simply disconnected entirely to enjoy other things.

Still, it seems horror legend Stephen King had some strong thoughts on the entire situation. He put his thoughts on Twitter where most fans seem to agree with his feelings.

However, many others in the replies took issue with King’s statement. Many mentioned this kind of attitude trivialized addiction in many ways.

Others discussed how this heavily affected businesses and daily lives which makes many people’s worries entirely valid.

And still more pointed out he missed the point of what happened with Facebook entirely.

Whatever your thoughts are on the subject, it looks like Stephen King will be hot water with many people for the foreseeable future.