Stereosonic Will Not Take Place In 2016


More unfortunate news for Australian electronic music fans reaches the EDM blogosphere this week. Touring music festival Stereosonic has been cancelled in 2016, and it’s rumored that later installments of the festival have been postponed indefinitely as well.

The festival’s organizers, Totem OneLove, were among the assets of EDM conglomerate SFX Entertainment. As such, the turn of events makes the informed electronic music fan wonder whether the company’s chapter 11 bankruptcy played any part in the decision.

As it stands, however, the widely speculated reason for the cancellation is the two deaths during last year’s edition. Stereosonic founder Frank Cotela told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, “I just don’t know what’s going on there at Stereosonic.”

While it looks like there might not be any more announcements coming from the Stereosonic camp, we’ll provide you with more details in regards to the festival’s cancellation as they surface.