Steve Angello’s Children Of The Wild Is A Stripped-Down Anthem


We don’t hear as much from Steve Angello‘s camp as perhaps we ought to these days. It feels like his former collaborators, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, make headlines every other day, but Angello himself has been left out ever since Swedish House Mafia’s split in 2012. That’s why it piqued our interest to learn that the Size Records founder just released a new track – and it’s actually kind of interesting.

“Children of the Wild” is hardly even what we would call EDM, honestly. A subtle, atmospheric synth lead quickly gives away to vocals by Mako and instrumental samples build up to a grand peak before a drop that almost sounds like a U2 chorus.

“A lot of people tend to overproduce a lot of songs,” Angello told Rolling Stone. “I wanted to keep the lead very iconic and very lonely. I wanted it to be that one lead vocal and then this kids’ choir. It feels British, somehow. If you look at British rock or indie, back in the day, it was always that lead vocal.”

Nonetheless, we’re all for artists pursuing new creative horizons – especially Steve Angello, whose unique influence on the progressive house genre largely led to the term’s curious change in definition around a decade ago. While this track is certainly a departure from Angello’s tried-and-true style, it may prove the first of many tracks that could redefine dance music once again.

However, that depends on you, the listener. What do you think about Steve Angello‘s new track, “Children of the Wild?” Sound off in the comments below.