Steve Aoki And The Turn Up Godz’ “Get High With Me” Is A Letdown


It’s not like I’m used to Steve Aoki knocking it out of the park or anything, but I at least expect his ghost writers to do the bare minimum for him. His pop/hip-hop/rock crossover tracks may not be anything that will define our musical era, but at the very least they could be the gateway drug by which less discerning music fans discover real music. That said, if the first piece of music I ever heard was “Get High With Me,” his collaboration with Future, Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Whoo Kid and 808 Mafia, I’d probably have written off music altogether.

First of all, how does this track even have like five collaborators listed on it? It quite frankly sounds like one of them is mumbling through a K hole while a DJ spins the cheapest industry beat they could find on AudioJungle in the background.

Oh, never mind, there’s Waka Flocka shouting incoherently into the mic like he always does. And what creative use of samples! How did they know the audience would want to hear the same exact splash sound effect and robotic voice saying “fatality” more than a couple times each?

Apparently this track is how the four tour mates chose to commemorate selling out every night of their tour, because apparently punishing your fans is how you keep them coming back in this day and age. If you think I was a little harsh on Steve Aoki and the Turn Up Godz’ “Get High With Me” – well, you’re wrong, but tell me why in the comments.