Tchami’s Missing You Is What’s Been Missing In Music


It’s no stretch to assert that Tchami‘s been the most respected figure in future house, even if he’s not the most widely recognized. Before Oliver Heldens became the genre’s poster child, Tchami had revolutionized the rubbery organ synths and soulful vocal elements that came to define it long before it was the “IT genre” of the moment. Demonstrating a willingness to go back to the drawing board once more, he’s delivered something quite different with his latest track, “Missing You.”

A lot of parallels have been drawn between future house and the UK garage of the ’90s, but “Missing You” is a through-and-through garage tune. His former “Promesses” collaborator Kareem Taylor returns on the track to contribute vocals, and DJ/producer AC Slater also assisted on the production side.

A reverb-heavy drop makes the song infectiously danceable, and alongside footage from Tchami’s own performances the track makes for a promising first installment of his “Tour Confessions” video series. Overall, even though it falls back on a lot of previously charted territory from a musical standpoint, it still captures a visceral element that’s been absent from recent electronic music productions.

Give Tchami‘s “Missing You” a good listen by clicking on the video above and then tell us, do you like his new, experimental direction, or would you rather he sticks to the future house sound that he’s known for? Let us know in the comments section below.