‘The Boys’ star explains how Stormfront changed Homelander

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys season 3.

The Boys actor Antony Starr explains why Stormfront helped trigger an important change in Homelander’s attitude towards Vought and the world at large.

Spoilers to follow.

Homelander and Stormfront had a brief fling in the second season of the Prime Video superhero series until Billy Butcher’s titular gang of supe-hunters stopped them in their tracks and almost killed the latter. Stormfront returns in season 3, but only as a shell of her former self.

In an interview with ScreenRant, Starr has explained how Stormfront has contributed to Homelander’s growth from a villain “dancing to the tune of other people” to an unhinged maniac that could level the entire planet if he wished it.

What’s happened to him is he’s always been operating in the world according to external opinion, and how he’s been marketed and packaged by the company. And I think Stormfront was always an extension of that. I think that’s the end of the road in terms of him dancing to the tune of other people. He’s really on his own now and trying to figure out what that means, he’s really doing it on his own. He’s a big boy now, he’s leaving the nest – and that’s good and empowering in one way, and it’s really difficult because there’s no one there to help clean up your mess.

If he could be even more ostracized from the world, it adds to this whole idea that he has that he’s a victim that everyone’s picking on him at all times. ‘Now look what happened to Stormfront!’ The world hates him, and it all just adds to his fear and loathing.

The secret weapon that allegedly killed Soldier Boy might be the only hope the world has against Homelander if he ever decides to go rogue. Let’s hope that Billy Butcher and co. can get to it faster than the rest of the competition, or even Homelander himself if he ever gets wind of it.

The Boys season 3 will continue next week on July 10.