The MCU’s love of a fake-out death means nobody believes in an ambiguous demise anymore

Image via Marvel Studios

Fans of the MCU are starting to feel a little skeptical when it comes to characters’ deaths on screen. Though there have been plenty of deaths, not a whole lot of them are sticking with characters finding ways to come back, whether through the multiverse, through time travel, or in Wanda’s case, magic.

Wanda’s corruption through the use of the Darkhold and turn to dark magic forces her into conflict with Doctor Strange with the two battling out over America Chavez in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. After Chavez intervenes and shows Wanda the monster that she has become, the witch decides to destroy the Darkhold before bringing down her mountain fortress entombing herself within. Viewers saw a flash of Wanda’s red magic before the structure crumbled leaving many under the very strong impression that it intervened before she could be crushed.

It is unlikely that the MCU would kill off one of their strongest characters with so much still ahead of them, but at this point, the fake-out deaths are losing their impact when we know that the chances of them sticking are low. Now one fan is wondering how anyone could be fooled into thinking that death was the end of the character, have we learned nothing?

Many equate her death to the popular thought experiment Schrodinger’s cat, where, until we see proof, the cat is both alive and dead. Until anyone says anything concrete, Wanda is both alive and dead.

Another fan retorted that, with this being Marvel, she’s going to come back.

This user makes a fair point about the character’s popularity.

There are many ways this could play out, is she dead or alive, because either means she can come back seen as death is no longer the end in the MCU.

As soon as a story comes along that requires them they’ll be back.

This user stated that after all we have witnessed with characters entering various afterlives, we know now that, at least in the MCU, death is not a final point.

Even Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, he who knows all, is being ambiguous about her “apparent” demise.

Though the studio and Elizabeth Olsen are remaining firmly tight-lipped about what really happened all we mere mortals can do is simply sit and wait until they confirm that the Scarlet Witch is truly gone.

But if you are anything like the fans above, you probably don’t believe that’s the case either and you just have to hold out a little longer before saying “I told you so.”