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The first new emojis for iOS 15.4 are finally here. Now users of the latest iOs update will have a brand new array of emojis to use, figure out, and generally confuse the heck out of their parents with. Some of the new emoji options include new smileys, specific gender- and race-representing options, and a slew of new additions to the  🍔 Food & Drink, 💡 Objects, 🔣 Symbols, and  🐻 Animals & Nature fields.

New smileys will include a Dotted Line Face, Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth, Melting Face, Face with Peeking Eye, Face with Diagonal Mouth, Face Holding Back Tears, and a Saluting Face. While the Hand over Mouth has been available before, the new version is corrected to more closely resemble the version used on other platforms.

The new update will also include a variety of options to reflect inclusion and representation; emoji users will now be able to select from non-gender-specific faces, and pregnancy icons that don’t convey gender. The update also includes a staggering 25 new handshake emojis designed to reflect racial diversity.

Users will also have access to seven new hand gestures, each of which has skin-tone modifiers. The new gestures include a pointing hand, a hand with index finger and thumb crossed, and the sure-to-be-popular heart hands.

Lastly, users can choose from an array of new object emojis, such as a crutch, a dying battery, two birds’ nests — one with eggs and one without — a playground slide, a lotus blossom and, most fabulous of all, a mirrored Disco Ball.

iOS 15.4 rolled the emoji slew out this Monday, and they are available to any device users of iPhone 6S (2015) and newer, and iPad Mini 4 (2015) and newer. Once you update, be sure to check out all of your new options, and start planning your newest emoji riddles ASAP.

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