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‘The Price is Right’ makes move for the first time in over 50 years

'The Price is Right' will air future episodes from an exciting new location.

NOVEMBER 05: Bob Barker (L) and Drew Carey attend the set of "The Price Is Right" to celebrate Bob Barker 90th Birthday at CBS Television City on November 5, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

If we were all to look back at our childhoods and think back to sick days, home from school, and lying on the sofa, there’s something almost all of us have in common — The Price is Right would be playing on the television in most of those memories.

The game show is a staple of the entertainment industry as a whole and was our favorite thing to watch when we were growing up. In fact, it’s a show we still catch during our downtime to this day. It’s fun to guess the price of certain items, wondering how far we’d make it in an episode if we were lucky enough to be picked for the series.

A significant change is on the horizon, and as Deadline shared earlier this evening, when we tune into The Price is Right for a new set of episodes, the game show will be taking place in a new location.

Ending its current season — and an era altogether, the game show signed off with a sweet picture on Instagram today, knowing they’ll walk into their next set of episodes on a new playing field.

“Today we say farewell to the legendary Bob Barker Studio, Thank you for all the memories. We’ll see everybody in Glendale next season!”

Previously housed at Bob Barker Studio, (named for good reason, as Barker was the longtime host of the series before Carey), The Price is Right will soon move to Haven Studios in Glendale. While there will undeniably be some changes taking place with a new location, we have a feeling the magic of the series will stay the same.

So when your own kids stay home for sick days, or you feel like pressing play on a nostalgic feeling, The Price is Right will always be there for you, and that is certainly comforting. We can’t wait to see what the new location looks like when episodes return.

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