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These Horror films have no right being so good

These scary movies were frighteningly good.

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If you’ve ever watched a scary movie and thought, “I didn’t anticipate that being so great,” you’re not alone. In fact, sometimes moviegoers sit down to watch a horror film with pretty low expectations. Some directors and storytellers usually strike gold, but not every single movie can hit it out of the park.

Horror is a broad genre, too, and what may be a masterpiece to some is a can’t watch for others. A Reddit thread shared today asks which scary movies had no right to be as great as they were? Let’s take a look at what horror fans were surprised by.

The original post said Ouija: Origin of Evil really surprised them, and the conversation took off.

Cabin Fever definitely had moments that made it hard to watch again, but it was certainly a great look at horror and fear — albeit unsettling.

The Fear Street movies on Netflix went over well with most fans, even if they thought they’d be subpar at best.

Deep Blue Sea is a pretty bloody movie, as is anything you’re going to watch where sharks are the “bad guys”. It was also a way better movie than anyone initially expected.

Happy Death Day mixes the best parts of horror, sarcasm, and just enough unsettling fear. It was just an enjoyable watch.

While some of the movies on the list were more “popular” titles, some were lesser known. This comment explains why they were so impressed with Savageland, and it sounds like a must-watch for anyone who has yet to see the movie.

Crawl sums up the statement, “had no right to be this good”.

The remake of Fright Night comes up a lot in terms of surprisingly good movies.

Annabelle: Creation is a no for those of us who fear creepy dolls, but fans say it’s a great one.

This fan felt like they might be the only one who enjoyed Unfriended, but the comments said otherwise.

This is another you’ll probably have to add to your list; we hadn’t heard of it until today!

This horror fan added a few that they were deeply impressed by.

There are a few others from this scary movie lover that many fans agreed with. We were quite impressed with Urban Legends too.

We’re adding quite a few of these titles to our watch list this weekend; there’s no such thing as too many scary movies!

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