Thomas Jack Drops A Funky Single With Jasmine Thompson


Tropical house pioneer Thomas Jack has teamed up with English singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson on a new single this week, delivering a funky cut in the form of “Rise Up.” Jack’s latest effort sees the globally recognized DJ switching things up and infusing some funky influence into his usual tropical stylings.

“Rise Up” has the producer pushing the boundaries of his sound, blending catchy pop hooks courtesy of Thompson with groovy dance sections complete with jazz flute samples that would make Ron Burgundy proud. The lyrics touch on the themes common to tropical house, with references to crashing waves and rising oceans painting a visual setting for the song. The unique flute sounds used throughout set “Rise Up” apart however, eschewing the cut and paste sounds of the overcrowded genre.

Thomas Jack has largely made a name for himself as a curator, so it’s always nice to hear his original works. “Rise Up” is another great effort from him, allowing him to grow as a producer while attempting to expand the horizons of the scene he helped foster into existence.