‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ fans admire the Odinson’s butt, but can’t stand his helmet

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Not long left before Thor: Love and Thunder releases worldwide and the official trailer has dropped. Normally, Marvel fans would be singing the praises of the multi-million dollar company, but some wonky CGI has drastically damaged the Walt Disney subsidiary’s reputation. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has often received global attention for his traditional handsomeness and God-like physique, but even dashing good looks can’t save Love and Thunder from some lazy special effects.

All in all, the trilogy round-off promises to be action-packed, suspenseful and something different from what we’ve seen before. Plus, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster completely steals the spotlight as the Goddess of Thunder and Marvel fans are itching to see the variant pummel some baddies. However, many viewers have noted the poor CGI of Thor and Jane’s helmets, which are so obviously computer-generated. Check out the comments below from Marvel fans who are not happy with the incompetent attempts to replicate headgear.

Understandably, Marvel fans are furious, especially after the franchise has experienced plenty of ups and downs lately. Multiverse of Madness received mixed reactions, but Spider-Man: No Way Home hit several home runs as far as critics and audiences alike are concerned. There has been plentiful doubts surrounding the future of the MCU, especially as the Multiverse opens up and more characters join the fold. Plus, many re-casts are garnering negative responses and arguments that Marvel Studios is becoming a corporate cash-grab are circling the internet.

Honestly, Marvel fans have every right to be frustrated. As of May 2022, the MCU has earned more than $25 billion worldwide, making it the biggest movie franchise ever. Surely they could afford to have real helmets made and not rely on CGI alternatives? It’s not like they don’t have the money. Come on, Marvel. You could afford to be a little less stingy. Arguably, helmets are awkward and clunky when actors are performing stunts, but Marvel relies on its surrealism and poor CGI has a negative impact on their ability to immerse an audience. Hopefully, the CGI issue will get fixed before July, but these changes could potentially delay the theatrical release.

If it remains on schedule, Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive in theatres on July 8, 2022.

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