Tiësto And Bobby Puma’s “Making Me Dizzy” Is Making Me Nauseous


What do you get when you pair an up-and-coming artist whose releases have been notoriously hit or miss with a once great artist who’s resigned himself to resting on his laurels? If Tiësto‘s collaboration with Bobby Puma is any indicator, you get exactly what you’d probably expect.

“Making Me Dizzy” is the latest in a growing line of releases from artists attempting in vain to mix big room house with bass house. Seeing as how Bobby Puma’s a bit more experienced making trap music, he should stop trying to be a discount Chocolate Puma and stick to what he knows.

Tiësto presumably just put his name on the track once it was finished anyways, so criticizing his contributions seems like an exercise in futility.

Who knows, though, Tiësto and Bobby Puma’s “Making Me Dizzy” could turn out to be the catalyst of a musical revolution?

Listen to the track above and let us know what you think of it by commenting below.