TikTok Bans Museum So They Start An Only Fans Account To Share Art

TikTok Time

Ancient art, social media, and breasts are colliding in unexpected ways thanks to an association of museums in Vienna that resorted to opening an OnlyFans account to post nude artwork after their posts were banned on TikTok and other platforms.

According to Vice News, the so-called “Vienna Laid Bare” initiative was launched by Vienna’s tourism board late last week along with the OnlyFans account as part of a response to what they called a “new wave of prudishness” on social media platforms.

In case you’re not aware, OnlyFans offers paid subscriptions for fans for exclusive content from their favorite social media personalities and it serves as a veritable hub for exclusive pornographic adult content. However, the London-based company also offers a lot of non-sex-work-centric content including physical fitness experts, musicians, and others.

Back in July, Vienna’s Albertina Museum had its TikTok account banned for posting photographs from Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki depicting concealed breasts.

The Vienna Tourism board slammed social media platforms for blacklisting famous artwork under their guidelines, with repeat offenders even finding their accounts temporarily suspended.

“Part of what makes this problematic is that there are no clear guidelines on these platforms, nor rhyme or reason, in regards to what nudity is considered ‘offensive’ and what nudity is not…We’ve had 3,000-year-old works of art be censored. Clearly there is something wrong here,” Vienna Tourism Board spokesperson Helen Hartlauer told Vice.

The newly created OnlyFans account will feature world-famous “explicit” artwork, such as works by Austrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele, 20th century graphic artist Koloman Moser and even the famous ancient Greek Venus de Milo statue.

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