TikTok paints an increasingly concerning and terrifying picture of Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian florida tiktok
Credit: @mamaproducts17/@bcampbell_24/@thezero_13

Making landfall on Tuesday, Hurricane Ian is leaving a heartbreaking wave of destruction in its path, and the state is still in the early hours of the natural disaster. Experts say that this will be one of the biggest hurricanes to hit the state of Florida, and while Hurricane Ian is now listed as a CAT-2 storm, it’s still producing heavy winds, flooding, and dangerous conditions for those in its path.

Social media websites are providing a platform for those experiencing Hurricane Ian to give updates to loved ones, allowing them to check in with friends and family to let them know that they’re okay. It’s also a way to document the conditions they’re experiencing, especially in TikTok videos listed under the hashtag #HurricaneIan.

The videos are hard to watch, but it’s also a way for those not in the storm’s path to be enlightened about what’s going on and find ways to provide assistance. One video posted to the platform today shows water rushing up the stairs of a home.

A video of Fort Myers Beach is a terrifying look at the water ravishing through a beach town, with waves higher than some homes near the ocean. The damage is evident as the waves continue to hit the houses, trees swaying in the high-level winds accompanying the storm.

Another user shared a look at the hurricane that shows a person floating in a blow up pool in their own home.

Ft. Myers is experiencing “devastating flooding” in the wake of Hurricane Ian, and a family even found four boats floating down their residential street today.

Another video shows the power of the winds as a tree dares to stand against it, being swayed almost completely over.

The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel shared a video of Hurricane Ian when it was still a Cat. 4 storm. The wind, rain, and waves are incredibly intense, as Seidel describes: the backside of the hurricane is the worst. 

AccuWeather posted an update on Hurricane Ian with some statistics about the storm.

This time-lapse shows the moments in which flooding began in the area of Fort Myers.

Of course, there is some good to be found for all of the heartache and devastation. A post by the account @aaronepling shows an incredible amount of linemen ready to travel to Florida and help those stranded, without power, and in harm’s way because of Hurricane Ian.

Thanks to social media and The Weather Channel, you can keep up to date with Hurricane Ian.