TikTok to launch new ad revenue stream for creators

Image via TikTok

TikTok will be getting a new way for creators to monetize their content, but only those with large enough followings.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, TikTok shared at its NewFronts presentation on Wednesday that it will be implementing a new paid ad program for marketers, allowing them to purchase ad space on the platform’s top videos.

“TikTok Pulse brings your brand together with the hottest trends and the most relevant, highly engaged communities.

The future of brands connecting with people is really reaching out where they are hyper engaged and with the content they’re passionate about.”

Only creators on TikTok that have garnered a following of 100,000 or greater will be eligible for the new ad program called TikTok Pulse. Right now, it isn’t clear exactly what the ad revenue split will look like for creators.

Companies that want to use this new tool to market can select to advertise from 12 different categories with examples including beauty, cooking, fashion, and gaming. Ads will play next to the top videos in each chosen category.

THR’s report explains that the top videos will be determined based on multiple metrics. These include brand suitability, viewer engagement, views, and creator engagement signals.

Advertisers taking advantage of TikTok Pulse can do so via the platform’s ad management platform and will receive reports post-campaign reports — though what this will include has yet to be announced.

TikTok Pulse will be the first way that creators have had the ability to earn revenue from ads played on their content. Previously creators have only been able to receive payments through the platform’s creator fund.