TikTok’s 4-year-old snowboarder goes viral after dad puts her on the mic, or vice-versa

via chasing.sage on Instagram

Just as we see over any weekend, TikTok is curating new viral videos. This week, a 4-year-old snowboarder named Aubrin Sage shares adorable running commentary, captured by a body mic attached to her by her dad.

Proud papa Chasing Sage isn’t new to TikTok, but it was upon mic-ing his little snowboarder that the family truly went viral. To date, the video has over 7 million views.

In the video, Aubrin starts off with a friendly, “Let’s go, Dad. Let’s get up, and go in that secret path.”

The preschooler peppers her narration with hilarious phrases like, “I won’t fall, or maybe I will. That’s okay, ’cause we all fall.”

It’s easy to see that Aubrin Sage has seen a lot of positive reinforcement; even after she falls, she attempts to get right back up, before observing of the setback, “I’m a stuck-asaurus.”

Last night, Aubrin’s pop Robert uploaded another sweet video, this time of his son, and demonstrates how he gets his kids on and off of the chairlift. It’s good to see that he puts safety first.

Robert and mom Samantha shared their thoughts on their daughter’s fame on their Instagram yesterday. The post served as an offer for an “ask me anything,” paired with a few answers to questions that had already been asked.

In the post, Robert shared his appreciation for the new “family” of viewers now following them. He also let fans know that they are engaged in outdoor activities all year long, and had been since before the arrival of Aubrin and her younger brother.

The couple stayed active not just because they weren’t ready give up their life of adventure, but for their children’s well-being. “It is because we want to share these experiences with them. Kids are capable and deserving of the life long lessons that come with these adventures and activities. We want to provide them with a broad foundation of skills and positive memories so that they can navigate the world with confidence and compassion and most importantly be kind and happy humans.”

He finished by expressing the couple’s gratitude for their children. “These two are the joy of our lives and while there is another level of complexity in planning and execution that kids bring to each adventure, the depth of love and perspective and meaning they introduce has been life changing.”

Robert assured fans that he was open to any questions. He’s already begun answering them, sharing with one Instagram user that he works as an “architect and my wife is a pediatric NP.”

Robert and Samantha’s openness about their family life is more than just a viral phenomenon; the Sage family brings a genuine note of warmth and sweetness to what can be a toxic social media atmosphere. We hope Aubrin keeps rocking the mic.